Financial support

Much of the core activities of UPMB are financed by external donations. You can make a contribution of any amount of money towards the secretariat or a member unit of UPMB

Your contribution could help to:

i. Support a health worker from a rural health facility with limited opportunities for training undertake a formal course to upgrade her/his skills and serve the community better.

ii. Provide relief supplies to a community affected by a natural disaster, war or disease epidemic.

iii. Support the UPMB secretariat to improve the quality of services provided by members.

iv. Improve reproductive health services for women and adolescents.

If you are interested in partnering with us or making a financial contribution to our work please contact us on
Tel:  +256 200 927 177 / +256 414 271776

Email:  Dr. Tonny Tumwesigye or UPMB Secretariat

Other donations

We welcome donations of appropriate equipment, computers, vehicles especially ambulances, learning materials for health training schools, IEC materials, journals and books. Current regulations in Uganda discourage direct donations of medicines and certain medical supplies so we only accept such donations under very special circumstances.

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