Strategic Plan

As  a  member  based  organisation,  the  UPMB’s  Mission  articulated  in  its  Strategic  Plan  is Supporting Church Member Health Facilities to Provide Sustainable Quality Services”.   The purpose  of  this  strategic  plan  2019-2024  is  to:

  • Formulate  an  effective  design  and  implement programmes that are relevant to UPMB’s target population
  • Ensure proper utilization of resources both  financial  and  human  resources
  • Provide  a  basis  for  measuring  programme  progress  and outcomes and as a tool for resource mobilization.

This plan seeks to re-energise the founding principles of UPMB. It endeavours to reposition UPMB as the technical arm that will enhance health  service  ministry  within  the  Church. It  therefore  makes  several reporting  and capacity building provisions that are designed to improve health service delivery among the MHFs. Key among these assertions is the role of Diocesan Health Co-ordinators within the revised framework. The motivation for the undertakings outlined by the plan is the stated Vision of Transformed lives through Christian quality health care.  The plan builds on the achievements, challenges and lessons captured by the evaluations of the UPMB strategic plan 2019-2024.   Specific emphasis will over the next five years target the lower level MHFs of HCII and HCIII.


Please download detailed UPMB Strategic Plan 2019-2024 here