Project Planning and Programming

Over the years, UPMB has steadily built its project portfolio around the program areas that strengthen and compliment the services that its members health facilities provide. These projects are designed under the broad thematic/focus areas of; HV/AIDS treatment and Care, Health System Strengthening, Family Health and Non-Communicable Diseases. Our programs are aligned to our strategic plan of Research & Development of strategic centers of excellence. This makes our programming flexible and adaptive to evolves with emerging issues in the health sector.


Coordination has been positioned as a key program area with the intention of ensuring adequate resources for coordination activities. This will involve coordination of all member units, other partners such as the bureaus, government ministries and agencies, and the training institutions. Coordination will address issues affecting quality service delivery, resource mobilization and policy support. Therefore coordination will involve information sharing, joint activities and provision of leadership.


UPMB has an accredited total of 277 Health facilities including Hospitals, HCIV’s, HCIII’s, HCII’s and Health Training Institutions and is continuously work round the clock to not only increasing these numbers but also ensure quality and patient safety are paramount.

Optical Services

UPMB Optical Centre was established in 1979 to provide affordable and quality optical services to Ugandans with the aim of exceeding every client’s expectations by offering outstanding customer service, flexibility in service provision and ensuring value for money for the client. The Centre currently has a client base of over 3000, and emphasis is on professionalism, diligence and hard work.

Clearing and forwarding services

UPMB provides clearing and forwarding services. Both air and sea freight services for individual member units and church related programs and projects are handled. These include pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and machines, motor vehicles, personal effects for expatriate staff and relief goods. This service is done at a subsidized cost without compromising speed and efficiency.

Work permits handling

Work permits for expatriates working with member institutions and church related bodies are processed by the UPMB secretariat. The processing unit handles operational licenses and annual practicing licenses for member units and medical doctors both local and foreign.
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